This package has the very distinct feel of northern Europe and the New World. Featuring an array of ivy and ferns arranged alongside colorful chrysanthemums and wax begonias, the Colonial package is for those seeking a classic, romantic touch to their interior spaces. With it’s array of high-performing air filtration and stand-alone plants, such as the English Ivy and Boston Fern, the Colonial package is well suited to interiors with more table-top surfaces found with furniture such as desks, book shelves, stands and mantle pieces.

As with anything of quality, the Colonial package requires slightly more attention than the other packages, due to it’s sensitivity to temperature. It will thrive in semi-sun to shaded spaces, which can be humid but not hot. With the flexibility to choose from a variety of flowering plants to add to the calming array of green foliage, this package is also suitable for designers pursuing specific color schemes for interior spaces.

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