Our Services

O2ganic offers consultation and interior design services for homes and offices that support the design, supply and installation of organic air-filtering systems in the form of pollutant-filtering houseplants. O2ganic provides two main services which allow for varying degrees of customer involvement: themed and customized packages.

Plant Packages

Themed plant packages strike a harmonious balance between air-filtering capabilities and aesthetics. These carefully assembled plant packages not only come in a range of aesthetic themes, such as the Desert and Colonial themes, but also in based on specific air filtering needs, such as the Child and Pet Friendly and Formaldehyde themes.


Customized Packages

The Fully Customized service manages clients’ air-filtering and interior design needs from start to finish, allowing for in-depth design concept development in order to meet each client’s specialized requirements.

Both services include an initial on-site consultation, plant delivery and installation, as well as a full care-taking guide. For more information or to receive your free 30 minute on-site consultation, please contact O2ganic here.